Friday, November 25, 2011

Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands is where most of Auckland flocks to in the summer to take advantage of the pretty beaches and slightly warmer temperatures.  This time of year it's still pretty empty, though, and the water is still chilly.  However, we still enjoyed ourselves, mostly because we liked our farm hostel so much.

We went to the largest town nearby and did a little shopping and had our packed lunch on the beach there.  Then we headed north to take in Rainbow Falls:

Daniel and I were both amused by this duck that was very nonchalantly diving for plants right at the edge of the falls.  He did not seem concerned in the slightest by the water going over the edge right next to him:

After that we went to this lovely bay our host had recommended.  This is pretty typical of the Bay of Islands, as it is a collection of quiet little bays, coves, and inlets (honestly not sure one what the difference is between the three):

It was a nice slow relaxing day.  We had to drive 6 hours the next day, so that was nice.

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