Saturday, October 1, 2011

The big bad gecko

So, for those of you that read Daniel's post, "Is that coming from inside the house?" we wanted to update you with our discovery.  No, it wasn't coming from inside the house, and it wasn't even some evil bird.  It was this little guy, an Asian House Gecko:

Lest you think we are complete pansies, I put a link here to a video we found, so you can see where that would be unnerving.  I still can't figure out how they make so much noise being so small.  As you can see from the video, they can be a bit aggressive when cornered:

That hissing is not the chirping sound it normally makes, much quieter actually, and I just can't find a clip of the exact right sound, but at least you can see one in action.  Hopefully we'll eventually be able to capture the sound.  While this one posed nicely for use, it wouldn't make a sound.  Even as I'm typing this it is taunting me, making the noise, then once I start recording it stops again for 20 minutes.

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