Friday, October 21, 2011

Forgot one-1770

I went back and was looking at my pictures, and I realized we forgot the last stop on our trip.  We took a detour at the last minute.  Katy asked if we'd like to stop at the town of 1770.  We said sure, why not.  1770 is a small village on the coast that's claim to fame is that it is the place where Captain Cook first landed in Australia.  There wasn't much there, just looked like so many towns on the Queensland coast:  pretty but small:

The fun part was that Daniel really wanted us to spell out 1770 with our bodies and take a picture.  However, he kept insisting there was a double zero (I think he thought it was called 1700).  Katy and I kept saying no, but he got down on the boardwalk and made a double zero with his arms and legs and pleaded there a while for us to make the 1 and 7.  We just laughed and took pictures.  I think he was getting a bit delirious from being in the car so long.

The real find was a little cafe in Agnes Water where we had dinner.  We got a very tasty plate of fish and chips, but the real event was this bakery case.  Oh, what to get!

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  1. You two were missed very much at the wedding on Saturday :( It was beautiful and wonderful, and we wished you were there.